Palermo Concrete has been providing Rochester, NY, families and business owners with stunning concrete work for the past 25 years. That’s long enough to prove that their work can stand up to the wear and tear of years of use and exposure to the elements. In recent years, they have come to specialize in stamped concrete designs, and this decorative concrete option has proved popular with homeowners and business owners who want an eye-catching patio design without an astonishing price tag.

For those considering similar projects, the concrete professionals at Palermo Concrete offer just a few of the biggest benefits of choosing concrete as a patio material:

  • Durability: Concrete is often fortified with steel and rebar to control cracking, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Palermo Concrete can also take special measures to protect your patio from the harsh Rochester winters.
  • Ease Of Use: Especially compared to pavers and stone, the smooth surface and lack of joints and grout make concrete easy to maintain. From a safety perspective, it is harder to trip and fall on the smooth surface of concrete.
  • Value: Stamped concrete looks very similar to stone and pavers, and will still add to the resale value of your home, and it will do so at as little as one-third of the amount you would pay for other materials.

To learn more about the benefits of building with concrete, visit Palermo Concrete online or call them at (585) 234-6013 to request an estimate for a patio of your own.