The start of the school year introduces new hazards for drivers. Even the most cautious motorists should be mindful of the changes brought on by fall. From reviewing auto insurance coverage to being extra careful during school hours, here’s what you can do to be a safe driver when school is in session. 

What Are Some Back-to-School Driving Changes to Consider?

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School days bring changes to traffic patterns. For instance, you may find cars parked near the end of your street or another central location at intervals throughout the morning as children wait to board the school bus. 

Traffic can also accumulate around local schools, and you can expect even more congestion if there is a college or university in your area. Of course, there’s also an increase in pedestrians as students walk to and from bus stops or schools. 

More vehicles near bus stops create obstructions, making it difficult for other motorists to see. This is especially concerning in areas where schoolchildren may be gathered. Additionally, increased vehicles on the road mean more stop-and-go traffic, increasing the risk for fender-benders or other accidents. 

What Are Some Tips for Safe Driving This Time of Year?

Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain safe driving practices, even as school resumes. 

  • Avoid Distractions: Whether you’re in the school pickup line or driving past a bus stop, it’s more important than ever to stay alert. Avoid distracting activities such as changing the radio station, responding to a child in the back seat, or talking via Bluetooth. Even if it’s just a mental distraction, it can hinder your reaction time.
  • Take Extra Caution Near School Zones: School zones often have signage warning motorists to drive slowly. Besides reducing your speed, leave plenty of space between yourself and other cars, as there may be people pulling in and out abruptly. Watch for pedestrians in the crosswalks and intersections near school zones, too.
  • Review Your Auto Insurance Policy: Since more drivers are on the road, now is a good time to check your auto insurance policy to ensure you’re fully covered for all your needs. For instance, you may be considering a new vehicle or have a teen driver to add to your plan, and your agent can update your policy as needed.


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