When you’re interested in maintaining a healthy, youthful complexion, dermatologists may recommend a chemical face peel. This treatment option is an easy way to get the desired results. Here’s what to expect from this method.

A Guide to Chemical Face Peels

What is a chemical face peel?

A chemical face peel is a unique treatment offered by dermatologists and trained skin care professionals. During the appointment, a peeling agent composed of a variety of acids and chemical exfoliants is strategically applied to your face and neck.

The solution is left on the skin, allowing it to settle into the deeper layers. After a few minutes, the peel is washed off, and your skin is neutralized using a soothing and cooling compress. 

What are the benefits?

Chemical Face PeelA chemical face peel is used to revitalize your skin. The process of peeling or eliminating the top layer exposes smoother skin underneath.

This is also considered an age spot treatment and a way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After a chemical face peel, you’ll experience a youthful glow that minimizes the appearance of scars, sun damage, wrinkles, freckles, dark patches, and certain types of acne. 

Who is a candidate for a chemical face peel?

A face peel is a highly customized process with the solution prepared by a skin care team based on your complexion and needs. Chemical peels are not recommended when pregnant, when you have sunburn or open sores, or if you’ve been on certain prescription acne medications within the last six months. Individuals with darker skin tones should speak to their dermatologist first to ensure they’re a strong candidate and won’t be susceptible to hyperpigmentation as a result of a peel. 

What does aftercare require?

Immediately following this service, your skin will be sensitive, dry, irritated, and peeling as fresh layers of skin come to the surface. You may want to schedule social gatherings and business meetings accordingly to give your skin time to heal. Apply plenty of sunscreen after your chemical peel and avoid sun exposure as much as possible to minimize the risk of sunburn and hyperpigmentation. 


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