Recovering from an accident can be difficult. Regaining function and dealing with new limitations can be physically and mentally draining. Alongside professional medical treatments, such as physical therapy and chiropractic care, a few strategies will help you streamline the recovery process. Try incorporating these simple tips into your post-accident routine.

How to Recover After an Accident

1. Keep a Light Schedule

While getting back to a normal schedule might sound appealing, an injured body needs extra sleep. This allows it to focus its energy on repairing damaged tissues. Following through on rehabilitation also means allocating time for physical therapy appointments. 

Don’t try to cram these activities into an already full schedule. Instead, leave plenty of free time for sleeping in and naps, as well as doctor visits. This can speed up recovery and prevent accidental reinjuries. 

2. Be Mindful of Your Diet

physical therapy

Your body needs proper nutrition and hydration to repair itself. Don’t rely on body cues or memory to track these important factors. Medications can alter appetites, while changes in your schedule might lead to missed meals. 

Try keeping a food and water intake journal during recovery. This will provide valuable insights into your diet and can easily be reviewed without causing extra mental strain. 

3. Ask for Help

Trying to do too much too soon will harm your recovery. Ask nearby family members and friends for assistance with overwhelming tasks. Make a note of any activities that seem particularly difficult. A doctor should be able to provide recommendations for alternate approaches. 

Don’t be afraid to request changes at work as well. Multiple federal employment laws protect your right to ask for reasonable accommodation in the workplace.


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