Many Hawaii residents over the years have chosen to make the move out of the State for various reasons, but one of the main reasons for leaving has been the rising cost of living. With the median home price well over $700,000.00, and rent being over $2,000.00 on average, its no wonder people are having trouble staying in Paradise. An area that has been emerging steadily is multigenerational living. This is where usually the Children with their families will choose to add on to their home for their Parents, or on to their Parents home for themselves and their families. But actually can be any combination of family members. This Ohana living situation has many benefits.

  •  Children have piece of mind having Parents close by.
  •  Cuts down or eliminates the cost of child care.
  •  If designed with aging in place in mind using Universal Design techniques, it can be much more affordable than a care or nursing home.
  •  Due to the high price of housing and rent, provides an affordable option for family members.




So what we are seeing is instead of people selling, they are choosing to make better or bigger what they have and plan for the future. This combined with aging in place and universal design can address the high cost of nursing homes, care facilities, and home care options, which Hawaii is significantly higher year after year than the national average.

Whatever your situation may be, Wave Builders can sit down with you and figure out the solution that best fits your needs now, and for the years to come.