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Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows
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About Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows

Because We Care.

Recovering from surgery can be a difficult process for patients and their loved ones. Help those around you heal with help from the caring team at Shumsky® Therapeutic Pillows in Dayton, OH. For 35 years, this trusted company has made and sold therapeutic pillows designed to reduce healing times, increase comfort and improve patient education. Those healing across the nation will benefit from these safe and high-quality products.


Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows offers a wide range of styles, including The Original Heart Pillow and lung pillows. Surgeons and doctors use the printed anatomical diagram of the heart to provide pre-surgery education to the patient. Add your hospital logo on the other side for increased brand awareness. Pick up a lung pillow as a recovery gift. Their shape creates the perfect splint for individuals recovering from thoracotomies and transplant surgeries.


These compassionate manufacturers offer custom post-operative pillows with personalized diagrams ranging from kidneys to livers. Their oval shapes provide comfort and support for various procedures. Each pillow can be customized by color and with a permanent marker for inspirational words from family and friends. They also carry maternity and pediatric pillows, proving they have a pillow for every patient.


Postoperative patients have a hard time dressing. This dedicated company provides post-operative shirts with pull straps and Velcro® attachments, decreasing the risk of injury and discomfort. Hospitals can brand their unique set of Agility Wear for branding opportunities.


With a rich tradition of encouraging patients rebounding from surgeries and procedures, Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows is proud to provide a soft cushion during the healing process. Call them today at (888) 333-3677 to purchase items for your medical facility or visit them online for more information.