Septic system Inspections are a necessity of today in the real estate market, with the buying and selling of homes or businesses.  As your septic system professionals, we at ABRAHAMSON SEPTIC LLC provide the service of inspecting your septic system.  We offer two types of inspections, the Basic Visual or the Camera Septic Inspection.  When an inspection is performed, we are assessing the functionality and integrity of the Septic tank and Septic system on the day of inspection.  You cannot provide a usage and functionality for the future.  The septic tank integrity is established and that the inlet and outlet baffles are intact, if the liquid levels in the septic tank are of a proper level, and we look to see if there is evidence of a prior back up.  Also noted as we are pumping out the septic tank to perform the inspection is there flow back from the outlet piping, indicating a possible problem and saturation of the leaching, also is there effluent surfacing, greener than normal grass or other evidence of saturation, and if there is an on property well, that there is a proper 75 foot separation (Connecticut State Septic Code).  Also noted, is there a Water softener system discharging into the septic tank. That needs to be removed if there is. 

If the Camera inspection is ordered, you look within the piping to establish the integrity of them and looking for evidence of malfunction, such as cracks, dips, high liquid level residue, deterioration of distribution boxes or evidence of tree roots.

If you are in need of a Septic System Inspection, call your septic system professionals at ABRAHAMSON SEPTIC LLC. from Preston, CT.