Many commercial roofing systems are flat. To deal with the unique challenges associated with this shape, roofing contractors tend to use different materials than with residential systems. The guide below explores one of the most popular options—modified bitumen roofing—and its properties.

What Is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Traditional bitumen is similar to the asphalt used on roads. It provides a seamless surface on roofs, helping them to last a good two decades with proper maintenance. However, it can suffer from water damage if puddles form on the roof—and is also susceptible to sunlight.

Modified bitumen roofing has a unique membrane consisting of asphalt and plastic or rubber polymers. That combination gives it improved UV resistance.

Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) is the most common type of modified bitumen roofing because its flexible membrane allows it to better expand and contract with temperature fluctuations without cracking. Atactic polypropylene (APP) is another option, which is more durable, lasting up to 25 years.

What Are the Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Roofing ContractorThe unique composition of modified bitumen makes it largely waterproof. It’s also naturally tear-resistant. The modified bitumen can be crafted with solar reflectance and thermal emission features. This makes it incredibly energy efficient and leads to improved cost savings on monthly utility bills.

These roofs are also generally easy to install.

How Can You Maintain Your Roof?

Remove debris like leaves and sticks from the roof regularly to avoid trapping moisture to the membrane. Keep the area free of standing water to prevent degradation of the materials. You should also schedule professional inspections every three to five years.

In between inspections, check the roof for signs of wear and tear. This includes holes or rips, curling edges, and broken and missing welds. If the roof does become damaged, a roofing contractor will need to apply a new coating to fill the gaps in the membrane. Smaller damage can be repaired by patching it with a liquid rubber coating and reinforcing it with a polyester membrane.


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