Crushed stone is often used for landscaping or construction purposes, and it differs from gravel in that it’s more sharp and angular. It’s made from a variety of materials including sand, limestone, gravel, steel, clay, and perlite. It’s a vital resource for the transportation industry, landscaping, and more. If you have been considering using this material for a residential or commercial property project, consider the five common ways it is used and how you can fit it into your design plans, brought to you by Lombardi Gravel & Excavation, LLC

5 Ways Crushed Stone is Often Used

1. In Road Construction

Crushed stone is a valuable resource for road construction. It’s used to make asphalt for roads and driveway extensions. The sharpness and angularity of the stones help give the asphalt it’s strength since they interlock into place. It’s also used to make cement for driveways and sidewalks, or some choose to use loose fill stones to create a decorative look. 

2. For Home & Commercial Use

For commercial construction, it is often used to make concrete office buildings. It is a sturdy and has a long lifespan to use as a base or sub-base. Crushed stones are used to make cement patios for homes as well, as they withstand the elements.   

3. Landscaping 

crushed stoneAnother common way stones are used is for landscaping purposes. It’s a great way to add interesting texture to your lawn, and many homeowners and business owners use it for pathways, around plants and trees, or in fountains for a sophisticated look. 

4. For Shorelines

Stones protect shorelines from damage and erosion over time. They are used for shoreline protection and are commonly called shot rock or rip rap, and they’re a crucial part of keeping beaches across the country safe and beautiful. During times of exceptionally high waves, they are especially necessary.

5. In Chicken Feed 

Small crushed stones are often ground and put into chicken feed, since poultry need the minerals and gritty particles in their diet for healthy digestion. Many farmers implement aggregate service to provide nutrients for their livestock. 

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