Time & Cost-Saving advice from a local junk removal company, 678 Rid Junk

Centralize The Junk

To the extent it's possible, make piles of everything you want to get rid of. This helps the junk removal company know what is junk and needs to be loaded, and what is staying. This makes the process faster for both of you and can save on cost.

Clear A Path

To the best of your ability, ensure that the junk/salvage is easy to access. If the trash/junk/salvage is indoors, then make sure there is a clear, easy to access path from the front door or garage to the junk. If the junk is outdoors, the ideal situation is when the junk removal company can backup their truck to the junk. This saves on time, but can also save on cost. For example, the same amount of junk spread over multiple areas of the house, yard, garage, etc., can turn a 15 minute job into a 45 minute job and the company may want to tak on an additional charge. 

Keep Children & Pets Away from the Workzone. 

Depending on the situation, the junk crew can be tossing materials into the dump truck, hauling, moving, loading. There may be nails or sharp edges, or other dangerous items. Children and pets can also slow down the removal process if the crew has to pay extra attention to their surroundings. 


If you agree on a day and time to meet the junk removal crew at your home, business, or property, make your best effort to be there on time and meet the crew and show them to the junk. By properly preparing for scheduled junk removal, you can make the process easier for everyone, faster, and avoid additional charges. 

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