As your family grows and you accumulate more possessions, you’ll naturally need more room than what is currently available in your house. While many people will move to a new, larger home to address their growing family’s needs, this isn’t always the best solution, especially if you love your current neighborhood. For many, investing in home additions and renovations could be the smarter long-term option.

3 Benefits of Choosing Home Additions & Renovations Over Moving

1. Avoid the Stress of Packing & Family Upheaval

Few life events are more stressful than a move, especially if you have kids. Having to move to a new school and leave old friends behind can be emotionally trying. You’ll also likely need to find new healthcare providers and social activities. Additionally, packing up all your possessions will require a lot of time and effort.

2. Selling Costs Add Up Quickly

home additions and renovationsSeveral expenses can make moving to a new home a costly endeavor. To sell your old home, you’ll need to pay realtor, transfer, and recording fees. During the selling process, you may need to pay for repairs and upgrades after the buyer’s home inspection. Add in the closing costs of buying a new house, and you will likely pay a lot more than you’d expect—potentially even more than if you constructed an addition.

3. Get the Desired Result

With a home addition, you have full control over the design to get the exact results you want. When moving to a new house, there will likely be a few elements you want to change, so you’ll need to invest in renovation work anyway. Save time and money by renovating the space you already have!


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