Anxiety and depression are common effects of today’s fast and very stimulating society. If not treated, these common mental health issues can spiral out of control and lead to more severe health problems. Aisen Chiryo Doin has been serving the Honolulu, HI, area for over 30 years. Their unique Shiatsu massage therapies and modalities have helped relieve clients of these ailments, allowing them to lead fuller lives in a more relaxed state. Below they outline exactly how massage therapy helps with anxiety and depression. 

The Benefits of Physical Touch

shiatsuThe simple act of touch makes people feel better. Utilized consistently in China for hundreds of years, studies show that massage therapy can ease anxiety and depression in recipients. Physical touch releases hormones in your body that create feelings of connection, which diminishes feelings of loneliness and depression. In addition, it is known to reduce tension, improve mood, and relax muscles. 

How Massage Therapy Releases Muscle Tension

Shiatsu massage techniques reduce tension within the body by breaking up muscle fascia, increasing oxygenation and blood flow and stimulating the endocrine systems within the body. This process releases hormones that improve overall mood and allow you to function in a healthy, balanced way. Meridians or pressure points within your body can avert the tension that leads to depression, by instead stimulating them with healthy touch. While massage therapy hasn’t been known to cure depression or anxiety entirely, it contributes to the easing of both conditions. 

If you have questions about massage therapy or the practice of Shiatsu, the caring staff at Aisen Chiryo Doin are on hand to assist you. Call them today at (808) 596-7354 or visit their website for more information. Located in gorgeous Honolulu, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day.