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Aisen Chiryo Doin, Inc.
1314 South King St., #601, Honolulu, HI 96814

About Aisen Chiryo Doin, Inc.

Honolulu's best place to go for Shiatsu therapy!

"The heart of Shiatsu is like a mother's love." Such is the expression that guides Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc., Honolulu’s foremost shiatsu massage therapy center. Owned by Sensei Fumihikio Indei, a shiatsu masseuse with decades of training and experience in the unique art of shiatsu, Aisen Chiryo Doin has been Hawaii’s shiatsu destination for over 40 years.

The Namikoshi school of massage therapy stimulates the body’s self-healing powers through applied pressure, focusing on hands and heart. The body’s ability to heal itself helps continually correct imbalances, restore flexibility in the muscle tissue, and relieve physical pain, which is part of the reason shiatsu massage is popular across the globe!

Sensei Indei’s many years in Hawaii, his clients have included “politicians and business leaders, movie stars and educators, athletes and homemakers.” As  he still maintains a high level of respect in his native Japan, Sensei Indei has drawn business from Japanese tourists visiting the region suffering from soreness, fatigue, exhaustion, and the general aches and pains of traveling.

Due to his outstanding achievements in the field of shiatsu massage, massage therapy, and his work in rehabilitating local athletes—2015 marked 35 years of assisting runners during the Honolulu Marathon—Sensei Indei has been awarded the title Doctor of Shiatsu. His business has been recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and is proud of a continuing partnership with the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine.

To learn more about natural remedies, muscle massage, marathon training, and shiatsu massage from the best shiatsu masseuse on the island, stop by Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc. Visit the website to view additional information on shiatsu’s historical background, and call (808) 596-7354 to schedule an appointment today!