Your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable all year long. While you may think only the furnace or air conditioner will wear out and need repairs, the ducts also require routine maintenance to keep functioning smoothly. Over time, ducts can become dirty or show signs of wear and tear, resulting in decreased efficiency and other problems. By knowing the signs of an inefficient system, you can spot problems early and avoid an unexpected breakdown. Here are several signs it’s time to contact an HVAC repair specialist to address inefficient ductwork. 

 How to Tell if Your Ductwork Needs to Be Updated

1. High Energy Bills 

While it's normal for energy bills to increase during especially cold or hot seasons, an inexplicable and significant jump may indicate the need for HVAC repair. Often, this spike is because the HVAC system must work harder and stay on for longer to achieve your desired temperature due to leaking ducts or dust accumulation that blocks airflow. In either case, an HVAC contractor can repair any leaks and clear out the ducts to improve the system's airflow, resulting in less energy consumption.

2. Inconsistent Temperatures

HVAC repair

An optimally functioning HVAC system produces a consistent temperature throughout the home. If you notice variations from room to room, it may indicate a blocked vent or an issue with the ductwork. There may be an air leak in the ductwork due to holes, cracks, or loose joints, preventing the air from properly flowing to each room. If this is the case, an HVAC contractor will inspect the ductwork for signs of damage and repair any leaks to restore normal airflow.

3. Low Air Quality 

An increase in dust throughout the home or an overall reduction in indoor air quality may indicate dirty HVAC filters or a duct issue. Check the vents and registers; if they are dirty, it may signal dust has accumulated in the ducts and is now circulating throughout the home. Reduced air quality can also occur because of leaks in the ductwork, which may develop over time with age. With more allergens floating around your home's air, you'll likely notice more allergy-like symptoms, including itchy eyes, coughing, and sneezing. To minimize this problem, an HVAC repair specialist will clear the contaminants from your ductwork to ensure the indoor air is breathable.


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