When you’re driving in too much of a hurry and hear a police siren, you may have a speeding ticket on the way. Driving faster than the law allows creates risky and costly situations for you and others on the road. Here is how a lead foot on the gas pedal produces undesirable results.  

3 Reasons to Follow the Speed Limit

1. Endangers Lives

Excessive speed creates dangerous conditions for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. During 2018, 9,378 people lost their lives due to speeding vehicles. Rather than rushing, leave a few minutes earlier, or call to inform someone at your destination you’ll be late.

2. Costs Money & Time

speeding-ticketWhether you hire a traffic law attorney to fight a speeding ticket or plead guilty and pay the fine, it costs you a lot of money. If your speed is high enough or you face additional charges such as reckless driving, your license could be suspended and your insurance rates could go up.

Also, breaking the law by driving faster doesn’t save time if you get pulled over. You will spend time talking to a law enforcement officer, meeting with traffic lawyers, and showing up for court to contest a speeding ticket.

3. Damages the Vehicle & Environment

When you drive a typical vehicle, the optimum speeds for controlling carbon emissions are between 35 miles and 65 miles per hour. Driving at 80 or 90 miles per hour places more of a burden on your engine, reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and spews more carbon dioxide into the air, which can pollute the environment.


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