A semi-truck breakdown is a hectic, stressful event, but it's bound to happen eventually. It's crucial to be adequately equipped for such a circumstance, so ensure you always carry safety gear with you and have a towing service's number at the ready. To help you go through the motions in the event of an emergency, here are a few do's and don'ts of getting your truck towed.


Stay secure

The first and most important step to take during and after a breakdown is to ensure safety and security. It's your job to make sure you and others on the road stay safe and are able to navigate safely around your rig. Try to pull all the way off of the road, and aim for a low-traffic side road if possible. Activate the hazard lights, lay down flares or warning triangles out to 100 to 500 feet away from the truck—depending on conditions—and put on a safety vest for visibility.

Make some phone calls


Your first call should be to your company's dispatch or breakdown line. They will need to know about the delay in your route, and they may be able to send for help or offer your advice while you wait. Once that's taken care of, call for roadside assistance. They'll need to know your location, direction of travel, and the condition of your truck.



A breakdown is a stressful situation, but it's important to stay calm and take action quickly. Panicking will lead to errors and compromise the safety of everyone on the road, so keep it cool. Once stopped, take a few seconds to breathe and calm your heart rate. This is a good opportunity to engage your parking brake, go over your normal safety protocols, and make sure everything is good in the cab. Then you can start your outside safety procedures and call for help.

Try repairs 

It's best to leave repairs to the experts and not risk making things worse by attempting repairs without proper tools and knowledge. Getting out to inspect the issue and get an idea of what's gone wrong can be helpful for the roadside assistance dispatcher, but don't do anything more than that.


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