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About Goldbeck Towing Service, LLC

From the smallest coupe to a standard sized cab for a trailer, when there’s a vehicle that needs to be hauled due to a stalled engine or dead battery, Goldbeck Towing Service, LLC is the obvious choice. Based in La Crosse, WI, this company offers the reliable towing services drivers need to keep their cars off the side of the road or as expensive lawn ornaments. Whether you’re calling after hours or need a tow across town, these expert wreckers are perfect for the job that lies ahead.


For more than 60 years, they’ve been one of the premier towing companies in the entire state of Wisconsin. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Goldbeck family will be there when you need roadside assistance. Services include light, medium, heavy-duty towing and emergency services. If a vehicle is stuck on the side of the road or submerged in water, look to them for the quick, efficient towing services you need.


Their recovery services can pull in the heaviest vehicles over long distances, thanks to their large fleet of various tow trucks and recovery vehicles. Not only are they experts at towing vehicles, but they also have the expertise and equipment to lift as much as 13,000 pounds with their powerful cranes. This makes recovery efforts easy to manage and allows safety and medical crews to do their jobs more effectively.


Call Goldbeck Towing Service at (608) 781-4869 to request immediate assistance. You can also find out more about them by visiting them online. They’re ready to take on any towing challenges you throw at them.


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"I called and spoke with Duane after blowing out a tire on the interstate the morning after slippery road conditions which resulted in few trucks being available from other companies. Duane was friendly and they quickly arrived, loaded up, and towed me off the interstate to a repair shop nearby. This was the cheapest tow I’ve ever received and all were professional and courteous of my time. Thanks guys!"... more
- Isaac Mittlesteadt [Google My Business, December 8, 2021]
"Excellent service. The driver showed up at the time he told me he would. He helped me unlock my car and look for my keys. I have never dealt with a towing company before, but everyone I talked to made it a simple process and was friendly!"... more
- Olivia Aleckson [Google My Business, November 11, 2021]
"What an Awesome place to call If you need help. They will do whatever it takes to help you out. They will even go out if their way to try to help you with your problem and solve it with you. I give them a HUGE Thanks for helping me get out if a horrible situation. Thank you a million times over as you have No idea how much I appreciated everything you did. I will put this as my top of the list 1st call."... more
- Heidi Wilson [Google My Business, November 4, 2021]