Spring is finally here, which means wet weather is not far behind. As a result, you may be concerned about your landscaping and other outdoor structures on your property, like metal storage sheds. While metal buildings are designed to be tough and durable, they can still be damaged by volatile weather conditions. The following guide outlines certain scenarios you should be aware of and what you can do to mitigate issues.

How Does Spring Affect Your Metal Building?

1. Increases Risk of Water Damage

Spring showers are great for plants and grass but not so good for metal structures. While the material can be coated to ward off water damage and rust formation, the protective layer will not last indefinitely. 

As a result, you should be vigilant about catching and removing rust from the structure to prevent it from spreading. You can use a special rust remover containing lime and calcium to buff out any spots with a hard-bristled brush. Once the rust is gone, dry the area thoroughly, then apply a special protective agent to curb future rust formation. 

2. Reduces Indoor Air Quality

metal buildings

Tree and grass pollen can also pose a real issue during the spring. If you use your metal building or shed for crafting or automotive work, it's important to maintain good indoor air quality. Pollen degrades air quality for allergy sufferers, who may experience symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and congestion. 

Rinsing off the exterior of the building on a monthly basis with a garden hose can prevent pollen from getting inside the structure. If there are windows, keep them closed, and consider installing a fan or ventilation system to ensure optimum air quality.

3. Boosts the Chance of Clogged Gutters

If your building has gutters, they should be cleaned at least twice per year. These trays allow water to flow away from the roof to the ground below, which is essential for preventing roof damage and leaks. When the channels are clogged, water will get trapped on the roof and contribute to excessive wear. In addition to twice-yearly gutter cleaning, you should also check the fixtures after a bad storm to remove any leaves or other plant debris. 


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