Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone service, is a modern telecommunications marvel. It lets users send and receive phone calls over the internet instead of via traditional phone lines. This offers businesses a number of benefits. Below are some of the most important. 

3 Benefits of VoIP Phone Service for Your Business

1. Portability

New or growing businesses often change locations every year as they expand or redefine their customer base. This can wreak havoc with your communications infrastructure. Traditionally, the local phone utility would need to uproot your existing service and transport it to your new location. It might even require a series of new numbers. That is no longer necessary with VoIP phone service. Wherever you can connect to the internet, you can send and receive calls from your assigned number. This means that employees can make and receive calls from their work number even while on business trips.

2. Low Cost

VoIP phone serviceTraditional phone calls hog up a dedicated phone line, which cannot be used while the call is in progress. VoIP phone service utilizes internet packets, which travel via a nearly unlimited number of pathways. Calls do not utilize a dedicated line and are therefore much less expensive. You can achieve particular savings on long-distance calls, which do not rate the cost premium on VoIP that they do over fiber-optic lines.

3. No Missed Calls

Nothing is as frustrating for clients as receiving a voicemail recording when calling about an urgent matter. With VoIP, you can choose which phones ring and how long they ring for. For instance, you can have the first few rings sent to your office phone, which you will pick up promptly if you’re there. If you’re elsewhere, you can have the next few rings sent to your cell phone or another device. Thus, you no longer have to miss urgent calls and upset anxious clients.



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