VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol,” meaning that it combines phone and internet technology. VoIP phone systems are ideal for businesses of all sizes, as they have a wide range of capabilities that extend far beyond those of traditional phones. If you’re considering investing in these systems, discover how they can empower your business with the key features below. 

5 Unique Capabilities of VoIP Phone Systems  

1. Call Screening

Caller ID is a practical solution that allows you or your employees to determine whether or not to answer by displaying the caller’s information. Call screening takes this feature a step further, enabling call block for certain numbers so only certain callers can come through. 

2. Call Recording

Many employees have dozens of conversations with customers, vendors, and other key business contacts each day. Taking notes while on the phone can be helpful, but it isn’t always possible to recount every detail from a call. Recording allows you to play back conversations after they’ve ended and may be useful for business functions such as sales or customer support. 

3. Video Conferencing

VoIP phone systemsWhen team members, clients, vendors, or other key business associates can’t make it to an in-person meeting, video conferencing is a practical alternative. VoIP systems are connected to the internet and therefore allow for seamless video chats on enabled devices, such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. 

4. Auto Attendants

While you certainly could have a phone attendant whose role is to strictly answer phones, automating call routing is more efficient and affordable. An automated attendant can offer a menu for callers to follow to ensure they reach the appropriate department or individual, and it can also play music during holds or send callers to voicemail as needed.

5. Call Forwarding 

Businesses that need to provide ongoing support for customers or patients, such as some healthcare providers and companies that offer round-the-clock services, can benefit from call forwarding. This feature automatically routes calls to the next available designated individual if the first person can’t pick up, or to an answering service if it’s after hours.



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