A video surveillance system utilizes strategically positioned cameras to monitor the safety and security of a specific space. It used to be that systems like this were primarily found only in large companies or government agencies. But the advancements and accessibility of modern technology have made video surveillance an essential tool for many of today's business owners. Below, discover a few benefits of installing security cameras.

Reasons to Install a Video Surveillance System

1. Deter Crime

In many cases, intruders will observe a property before robbing it. Therefore, a feature they look for is security cameras. If they spot one, they know that their risk of getting caught increases exponentially, which might compel them to move on.

When a business with video surveillance is robbed, the business owners have taped evidence of the crime that they can then submit to the police. This can increase the likelihood that the culprit is caught and that any belongings or inventory are recovered.

2. Monitor Employees

video surveillanceA video surveillance system lets you keep tabs on employees, monitor workflow, and ensure safety standards and best practices are being met. You can install cameras in specific rooms or exterior spaces, allowing for easy monitoring.

Most modern cameras can be attached to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you have a real-time observation of what's happening in and around the business and among your staff members.

3. Save on Insurance

Video surveillance has a couple of distinct benefits when it comes to liability insurance. Some providers offer a plan discount for policyholders who install security cameras, as this is often seen as a crucial property-theft preventative.

Also, if your business is robbed, the surveillance from the cameras can be submitted to your insurer as substantiating evidence for the claim. This will help along the claim's approval process and get you reimbursement that much faster.



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