A virtual private network (VPN) is a service offered by a telecommunications company that allows you to securely and privately connect to the internet. Using an encrypted tunnel, a VPN protects a user's sensitive data and confidentiality as the user interacts with physical servers and websites. With more and more people working from home these days, VPN security has become an important issue. Below are a few reasons VPN security is crucial to a remote worker's experience.

Safeguard Data

From daily communications to trade secrets and passwords to business credit card numbers, a worker's computer can hold a lot of sensitive data. With a VPN, all information transmitted over the internet is encrypted, making it unreadable while in transit and inaccessible to cybercriminals.

Encryption keeps your business data safe by providing a private way to transfer information to other workers, clients, and vendors.

Improve Privacy

telecommunications companyA worker needs to feel confident that their privacy is secure while they work from home. They may be working with confidential information central to business operations, such as product planning, budgeting and financial matters, or contract negotiations. A VPN masks the user's true IP address, so the connections a user makes cannot be seen by internet service providers and telecommunications companies, other users, and cybercriminals.

Access More Websites

A worker might need to access certain websites that are blocked from their business's internet infrastructure. By hiding a user's IP address, a VPN allows a user to get to websites that may otherwise be blocked or censored. For instance, if social media sites are blocked in the workplace, a user can access them at home through a VPN from their telecommunications company.

Social media plays a critical role in today's business landscape, and a home worker will need to keep accounts and postings updated and follow industry connections and competitors to stay informed.



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