Online security threats are one of the most significant risks facing small and large businesses today. For example, $17,700 is lost each minute to email phishing attacks and 63% of companies have endured some form of a data breach within a 12-month period. By following these cybersecurity tips, your business can protect itself from online vulnerabilities that put your customers and your profits at risk.


Educate your employees about threats.

Anyone who uses a computer in your company needs to be aware of the various threats that put your business data at risk. Consider hiring an IT consultant who specializes in cybersecurity to hold training sessions or create webinars that teach your employees about email phishing, strong passwords, and safe online practices. All employees should be held accountable for knowing company policy and completing training courses about cybersecurity. 

Keep your software updated.

Software programs frequently release updates that recognize and patch newly discovered vulnerabilities that allow cybercriminals access to sensitive information. Virus and malware protection programs also release new updates weekly that block cyber threats. Make sure all computers are set to auto-update and checked frequently to verify the updates are installed.


Believe your company is too small to be a target.

cybersecuritySmaller organizations are seen as easy targets because they take fewer cybersecurity measures than bigger companies. Research shows that 1 in 323 emails sent to small businesses contains malware, and there was a 424% increase in cyber attacks against small businesses in 2019. This is why even small businesses need to have IT staff dedicated to cybersecurity.

Allow former employees to have access to your network.

Some companies take for granted that their relationship with former employees is positive enough that they don’t have to rush to remove that person’s access to computer networks. As soon as an employee is terminated for any reason, your IT department should change all passwords, forward the employee’s email accounts, and remove the person’s VPN access. 


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