These days, proper cybersecurity measures are more important than ever. Even international corporations have become victims of massive data breaches, which can irrevocably harm the reputation of a business. While it’s crucial to have protections in place to prevent breaches, you should also have a plan of action if one occurs at your business. Here’s what you should do for the security of your company.

How to Handle a Data Breach

1. Examine the Breach & Its Source

Check cybersecurity logs immediately to determine how the breach occurred and what data was affected. It’s recommended that you have IT staff tasked with handling breaches before any issues occur. These professionals can assess the breach quickly and efficiently so that you know what steps to take next.

2. Update Passwords

Many breaches occur when hackers can figure out passwords or access user credentials. As soon as you're aware of the breach, request that all authorized users change their passwords to more secure versions.

cybersecurityThe best passwords contain a combination of numbers, letters, and special symbols. Passwords should also not include personal information, such as a spouse’s name. 

3. Contact Any Customers Affected

Inform customers and clients of a breach before they hear it from someone else. When sending these notices, do so as soon as possible after the incident.

Provide information on what happened, how it happened, and what type of data was accessed. Finally, inform your customers about the steps you’re taking to prevent breaches from occurring in the future. 


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