With much of the working world still logging in remotely, video conferencing has become a necessary resource to connect staff and check in on important tasks. If you’re preparing to host a video call, there are a few steps to take to ensure a smooth, productive meeting. Here’s what you can do with help from an IT service.

How to Host a Video Conference

1. Boost the Connection

Stable, reliable internet is vital for video conferencing. Slow connections will affect both audio and visual components, disrupting the call and leading to missed information and frustration.

Ask IT services for LAN cables for laptops to stabilize connections. If wireless is your only option, ensure routers are in top shape and updated. If your internet can’t handle the call, consider calling your provider for an upgrade. 

2. Create a Plan

All meetings benefit from an agenda. For video conferences, it guarantees an efficient call for everyone dialing in and reduces the risk of the chat meandering. Send out the information before the meeting so that everyone involved understands and prepares for their role.

3. Be Professional

IT servicesEven though some participants may be calling in from their homes, there must still be a level of professionalism. Dress as if you’re in the office. Remove distractions in the room from which you’re calling, such as televisions, radios, and even items in the background that may be inappropriate or attention-grabbing.

4. Practice

Familiarize yourself with the features of the equipment so that you don’t waste time during the call. Test microphone sound levels, learn how to mute and unmute yourself and others, try video angles, test lighting, learn recording features, and investigate other settings.

5. Record & Summarize

Record the meeting and take notes so that you can review and jot down information afterward. Recapping the call and creating a task list will help you and your team take the next steps after the conference is over. This practice also offers an easy way to distribute information to anyone who wasn’t present.


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