Homeowners may need a roof replacement to address sagging, moisture issues, or storm damage. If these problems are present in your house, change the roof immediately to avoid worsening the situation. Here’s what you can do to get ready for the installation appointment.

5 Tips for Preparing for a Roof Installation

1. Inform the Neighbors

As a courtesy, let the people who live nearby know when to expect construction noises from your home. Spread the word by telling your neighbors about the construction, or give out little cards and baked goods as a thank-you for putting up with potential interruptions.

2. Clean the Yard

The installation process creates debris that may fall off the roof. Ensure the landscaping and yard won’t incur damage by clearing anything within a 20-foot radius of the home. Place toys, outdoor furniture, and landscaping equipment in the garage. Protect trees, flowers, and hedges with drop cloths, so they don’t get dusty.

3. Remove Wall Decor

roof replacementDuring the installation, the house will rattle and shake with the impact of nail guns and construction work. Protect any art or mirrors by removing these pieces from the walls and placing them in safe locations, like on a bed with quilts between the layers. To make it easy to reinstall these items, take a photo of the arrangement before taking them down.

4. Cover Belongings in the Attic

Your home will temporarily be left open to the elements while contractors remove the old roof. Protect your belongings from construction dust and the elements by covering anything in the attic with a tarp or drop cloth. If you have items of high value in this room, move them to a new storage space for the duration of the appointment.

5. Relocate the Pets

Pets may be frightened of the noise during the roof replacement process. Relocate them during the construction, so they don’t have to endure the unfamiliar sights and sounds. You can board your companions at a trusted vet office or have them stay with friends, where they can enjoy a vacation until the roof project is complete.


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