Even after you’ve found a bail agent, paid your fine, and served your sentence, having drug offenses on your record can disrupt your life for years to come. This is especially true for college students, who may find their entire lives derailed after a single drug-related arrest. Below are a few facts every college student should know about how drug charges can affect your future.

How Drug Charges Can Disrupt Your Future

1. Losing Financial Aid

Being convicted of a drug offense while receiving student aid can cause your eligibility for loans and grants to be suspended. The length of the suspension varies according to the nature of the offense, or you could be permanently banned from receiving aid.

Most college students don’t have the resources to finance their education themselves, so you may be forced to take a year off. Unfortunately, many students who lose their financial aid will never be able to go back to finish their degrees.

2. Failing Classes

bail agentBeing charged with a crime can upend your entire academic career, which in turn affects your future job prospects. Without the help of a bail agent, you may spend weeks in jail waiting for your trial. Even if you’re eventually exonerated, missing classes and exams will almost certainly hurt your grades.

In some cases, even possession of a controlled substance can result in severe penalties, which may include lengthy jail sentences. Even if you intend to finish school when you get out, your transcript will still reflect the failing grades and incomplete classes.

3. Ineligibility for Employment

Most employers run background checks on new employees, which could make it more difficult to find employment when you eventually graduate. In fact, law enforcement, health care, and many other fields are barred to people with a drug conviction on their records. If you plan on working in any of these industries, you will have to rethink your future plans.


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