Computer Forensics Consultant
Durward C Matheny
414 N Main St, Wake Forest, NC 27587-2324

About Durward C Matheny

Forensic document examination is the process of analyzing disputed documents to provide evidence in a court of law. This section of forensic science is the specialty of Durward Matheny. As a former FBI analyst and supervisory agent of North Carolina SBI’s Questioned Documents Division, he offers prosecutors and defense attorneys in Wake Forest, NC, expert assistance.


You can count on Durward to examine a wide range of documents to determine source, validity, and composition. These characteristics can be the deciding factor in various cases. He is well-versed as an expert witness and will testify regarding the documents at hand. Additionally, clients can rely on him to give exceptional depositions.


For professional document examinations from a trusted specialist, turn to Durward Matheny. Call him today at (919) 538-8626 or visit him online to learn more.