Hardwood floors require consistent cleaning and regular maintenance to preserve their beauty. Poor cleaning habits can result in dark liquid spills that are hard to remove. If an accident occurred, prevent permanent staining by following these steps. 

How Can I Prevent Permanent Stains?

Prevent staining on your hardwood floors by employing good cleaning practices. Dry cleaning methods should take first priority, as using water and steam can lead to damaged wood. Even if steam does not penetrate the wooden planks, any scratches or thin finish will allow it to permeate the wood fibers, causing water stains, swelling, and mold growth.

Dry cleaning, such as vacuuming, dry mopping, and sweeping should always be thoroughly done—especially if your flooring is not properly sealed. For wood that is sealed, you can use cleaning products like Bona Harwood Floor Cleaner.  Never use Murphy's Oil Soap®!  Always wipe up any spills immediately to reduce the chances of stains setting in the first place.

The Steps of Stain Removal

hardwood floorsOnce your hardwood floors have set-in stains, find out whether the stain is in the wood sealant or in the wood itself. White rings, foggy looking stains, and watermarks are typically surface-level staining. Sometimes these watermarks and stains will fade with time since they are primarily mineral residue from minor water spills and splashes. You can often wipe these away by either dry mopping or using a lightly damp cloth to dry the surface. 

Most modern hardwood floors are sealed with polyurethane, so use cleaners made for this finish to prevent scratching the sealant.

Dark stains are problematic because they are typically water or pet stains that have penetrated the finish and have set into the wood itself. When these stains occur, your options are limited. You can use wood bleach (a tricky process with limited to poor results) or hire professionals to refinish and restore the surface. 


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