Software for computers is constantly evolving, incorporating faster, sturdier, and more robust programs to keep your computer running efficiently. Unfortunately, as with any technology, time will slow the performance of the software. If you’re running Windows 10, here’s how you can remedy the problem with a few strategic PC repair tricks. 

3 PC Repair Tips to Help Run Windows 10 Effectively

1. Disable Startup Programs

When you install software on to your computer, the programs are designed to run silently in the background, automatically launching when you turn on the device. While you may not be using the program 24/7, the device still uses memory and power to run them behind the scenes, draining your speed and online agility. The best way to combat this Windows 10 issue is to either remove unnecessary software or change the internal preferences so the program launches only when you open it manually. 

2. Install Updates

pc repairTechnology is always evolving, delivering the newest versions of each program automatically. Unfortunately, many PC users skip these updates, making their computer run old, outdated software. If you want to bring your computer back up to speed, an easy PC repair trick is simply to install all updates that are available within your operating system. Don’t forget to back up all your data before installing new versions of each program. 

3. Add RAM

RAM refers to Random Access Memory — the amount of memory space your computer has to hold all your content and software. If your computer drags, upgrading your RAM space might be the answer. By adding more RAM, you’ll notice that your computer fires up more quickly, launches programs easily, and responds to commands with ease. 


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