A product from the late 1980s, inkjet printers remain in use thanks to decades of quality results. The equipment works by activating hundreds of tiny nozzles that place ink on a page to recreate computer text and images. Each ink droplet is about 50 microns in diameter and unnoticeable to the human eye. Both black and color inks are used for personal and professional printing projects.

Why You Should Use an Inkjet Printer

1. Image Quality

Inkjet printers produce images at a rate of 1440×1440 dots per inch (dpi). This results in highly accurate, quality images with excellent shading, tone, and color saturation. Printers recreate both color and monochromatic images with realistic results.

2. Versatility

inkjet printersInvesting in an inkjet printer provides the opportunity to print on a variety of materials. Transfer images onto T-shirts and other clothing, experiment with different types of craft paper, or use edible inks to print images on birthday cakes and other baked goods.

3. Affordability

If staying within a certain budget is important, inkjet printers are ideal. They cost relatively little compared to other options, such as laser and digital printers, to keep your business or home office expenses reasonable.

4. Size

Perhaps you do not have a lot of desk space or have other reasons for desiring small office equipment. Inkjet printers offer a compact design perfect for helping you save surface area.

5. Speed

While these printers may not be as fast as their laser counterparts, they still produce quality images and text in short amounts of time. Additionally, they do not take a lot of time to warm up, which is critical if you have a sizable printing job in front of you.


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