Crafting your own Christmas cards is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer. If you’re not particularly crafty, don’t fear—you don’t need to be a pro to create something unique that will look lovely on all your loved ones’ mantels this year. With help from a printer and digital device, the following guide offers a few ways to create thoughtful holiday cards your friends and family will adore.

Making Christmas Cards

1. Use High-Resolution Photos

If you plan to include a family photo or another digital image on your Christmas card, use a high-resolution, quality image. Avoid pulling photos from Facebook or other social media platforms, as they will often appear grainy and lackluster when printed. Instead, select a crisp, clear photo of at least 300 dpi or 300 pixels per square inch. Before you print mass quantities of the card, do at least one test run. You may also visit a professional printer to help ensure the results you desire. 

2. Keep It Simple

printerProfessional designers understand that often, simplistic designs are the most beautiful and impactful. When designing your card, leave ample white space and use text and images to create visual interest. Generally, it’s best to insert just a bit of text and a visual that pops on the card’s front. Remember that you want the card to look nice from a distance on the mantel or fridge. If you’re struggling to create your own design, use a template or look at cards online for inspiration.

3. Customize

Always include a hand-written note to personalize your card. Adding a sprig of evergreen, a few gold sparkles, or even a cinnamon stick can add charm and interest to your printed cards. Other fun ideas include adding a red sequin on Rudolph’s nose or adding cotton balls to Santa’s beard. While using a printer can save a lot of time over 100% handmade card, these special touches will make each one unique.


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