Copiers and printers are essential equipment for any workplace, allowing employees to increase their productivity and create documents and visual aids to assist both them and their clients. If yours doesn’t always operate as it should, it may be time to replace it with an updated model. Here are five indicators that it’s time to take this step.

How to Tell It’s Time for a New Workplace Printer

1. Old Features

Five years is the average lifespan for most copiers. Because technology companies are constantly producing machines with better suites of features, having an older one means you miss out on features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Cloud file sharing, and advanced security from hackers. By updating, your employees will be more efficient and better able to do their jobs.

2. Unreliable Quality

Do you ever print a document only to find that the ink is smudged, the paper is crinkled, and parts are illegible? This is a frustrating experience, but it can be avoided by buying a newer machine with components that aren’t yet worn out.

3. Expanding Needs

printerGrowth is generally a sign of good help in a company, but it can also result in not having enough equipment for everyone. If you constantly spot lines building behind the copier, then it may be time to buy one that works faster and gets jammed less often.

4. Constant Breakdowns

It’s frustrating when the equipment you need for your daily work constantly breaks down. Even if a repair company is able to regularly fix the issue, this downtime is inefficient for your employees, and it’s a drain on resources. Newer equipment will crash less regularly, saving you time and money.

5. Lack of Manufacturer Support

Because companies are frequently updating their products, their support of older models won’t last forever. If you realize that some of your essential equipment has outlived its manufacturer support, you should consider replacing it. This will save you aggravation later when the machine gives you trouble and the manufacturer refuses to assist you.


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