Saving the environment and cutting back on waste are great goals for your company, but successfully implementing ink, paper, and printer preservation in the office may be difficult. Use these tips to help your business reduce its usage of the office printer while saving money and maintaining the device for years to come.

3 Ways to Discourage Printer Overuse

1. Create a Printing Policy

Put a printing policy in place, so your employees don’t overuse paper, ink, and the printer itself. For example, send an email alerting employees that they can only print a certain amount of colored copies and black and white printouts per month. Many office printers are equipped with software that requires an employee to scan their ID before printing. Investing in this type of device could help cut down excess printouts. 

2. Set Defaults on Devices

printerMany printers have settings that focus on reducing excessive printing and conserve ink, paper, and toner.

For example, set all printers to print double-sided, black and white copies. This will ensure that employees don’t use more paper than necessary, and conserves toner along the way. Next, set a designated printer that uses color. You can ask employees to only print a certain amount of color copies to reduce waste. 

3. Initiate MPS Programs

An MPS program, or Managed Print Services, are programs offered by a printer provider to manage all aspects of your company’s printing devices, including scanners, faxes, and copiers. These devices enable businesses to cut costs, increase efficiency, and use less paper waste. These programs can pinpoint precisely how much of a resource you’re using daily, so you and your business can optimize your spending habits.



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