When you’re printing images or text, you want the product to look as clear as possible. However, there are several ways that your project could be ruined during the printing process. By becoming aware of typical pitfalls, it becomes much easier to avoid them. Here are three mistakes to know about, especially if you aren’t an expert in ink cartridges and margins. 

3 Printing Pitfalls to Steer Clear Of

1. Not Adding a Bleed

While printers are very precise, they’re not perfect. A typical mistake is not leaving enough room after text or images on a page. However, with that approach, there is a chance that the printer may chop off part of your image. To ensure your entire project is visible, always add 3 mm of “bleed,” or extra room, so there is enough white space after your last image. 

2. Skipping a Meticulous Spell Check

ink cartridgeIf there are errors in your work, you’ll have to use valuable ink cartridges to print out more. To avoid overusing ink and paper, it’s best to run your text through a spell check feature. Having even one spelling mistake can compromise your project entirely. By adding a check to your process, you’ll safeguard your work.  

3. Not Checking the Image Resolution

Just because an image looks good on the computer doesn’t mean it will print well. Instead of just glancing at the image, right-click on it and find out the resolution. For a crisp look, it should be at least 300 pixels per inch. That will help you avoid printing grainy or unfocused images. If you’ve checked the resolution and you’re still having trouble, it could be an issue with your printer’s ink cartridge. 


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