An advantage of getting a new laptop is the quick response time. Slower computers can be frustrating to deal with when you’re working, gaming, or even online shopping. Unfortunately, it’s natural for most laptops to become sluggish over time as they accumulate files and programs with regular use. However, before you invest in laptop repairs or a replacement, there are several easy maintenance tasks you can try to give your machine a boost in performance. Here are a few tips that can help keep it running fast.

How to Speed Up Your Laptop’s Performance

1. Declutter

An effective way to improve your laptop’s speed is to remove some clutter. With the endless number of apps available, it’s easy to download many that you may think you need but never end up using. Going through your machine and uninstalling any apps that aren’t necessary can help free up memory and provide an instant increase in speed.

You can also perform a disk cleanup that removes files and programs that are just taking up valuable space. Additionally, it helps to clear your internet cache regularly. These temporary files are collected from different websites you visit, and they stay on your storage drive until they’re deleted.

2. Check for Malware

laptop repairMalware is a common cause of a slow computer. Conducting a virus scan will help you identify any malicious programs affecting your machine. These often consume a significant amount of memory while running, which will disrupt other programs you’re trying to operate. Malware can install itself in various places, so it may be necessary to have a laptop repair professional properly remove it with the correct security solution.

To prevent malware from taking over, update your operating system regularly, install a highly-rated anti-malware program, avoid going to questionable sites, and don’t open emails from unknown senders.

3. Keep It Cool

Laptops need good airflow to perform their best. As such, it’s important to keep your machine elevated on a desk or table while it’s in use. This will leave enough air to pass underneath. It should never be put on top of a cushion in your lap, otherwise, the fan will become obstructed or have to work overtime to cool the processor down. Without sufficient airflow, your laptop will start slowing down and freezing.  


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