For business owners, having a printer makes life easier. Within moments, designs or write-ups are transferred from the screen to your hand. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll go through essential printer supplies, such as paper and ink, faster than necessary, and even cause a premature printer repair. The list below discusses common mistakes you and your employees should avoid when using a printer.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Using a Printer?

1. Spelling & Grammar Mistakes 

Before your employees hit print, urge them to double-check their document for spelling and grammar mistakes, especially if they’re printing business materials that will be read by customers or coworkers, since mistakes will come across as unprofessional.

In addition to checking for mistakes, urge them to check for text readability. For example, low color contrast or a strange font choice might make it hard to read the document. Looking out for these problems before printing will save your company ink and paper.

2. Loading Paper Incorrectly

printer repairLoading a printer might seem straightforward enough. However, improperly loading a paper stack into the device will cause a printer jam.

Be sure that you and your employees are aware of the right way to load the paper, especially if there are multiple trays in the printer. Most printers will have arrows indicating where and how to load the paper. 

3. Poor Image Quality

When you opt for low resolution, the images will not be clear or crisp. For quality images, train your staff to use the minimum resolution of 300 PPI. Poor image quality may also result from saving a black and white image as a color image. As a result, these images will be colored during the printing process, which may make them look strange and unclear. Ask your staff to consider their color needs before printing, and save and convert the selected images accordingly.


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