Printing out documents is crucial to work and school life, as it provides a secure and convenient way to share information. Plus, reading print documents gives you a break from screen time. However, what goes into keeping your printer running every day? Toner and ink cartridges are both essential components. If you want to become an informed printer user, learn more about these two components.

What's the Difference Between Toner & Ink?

Ink consists of water, glycerine, glycol, alcohol, and dye or pigment resin. Ink cartridges, used in every inkjet printer, have tiny nozzles where ink is blended and sprayed to create your document.

Toner is essential to laser printing. It's made from ground polyester, which holds a static charge and sticks to anything with an opposing charge. Inside the printer, a laser produces an electrostatic template, matching your desired images, and transmits it to a metal drum. The charge of the toner is attracted to the template. The hot fuser melts the polyester powder to the paper to create the end product.

Which Type of Printing Is Best for You?

ink cartridgeBoth inkjet and laser printing comes with unique benefits. Inkjet printers are typically more compact, and thus ideal for a tight space. They also allow for more color blending, producing better quality photos. Inkjet printers can print on a range of different papers: envelopes, glossy photo paper, textured stationery, and even fabric.

Laser printers print faster than inkjets, averaging anywhere from 15 to 100 pages per minute. Thus, they're ideal for a workplace where many employees will share one device. They also produce sharp, clear text. Laser printers are quieter than inkjet because the image is transmitted at once, instead of through a printing arm. Whether you're at home or the office, your printer won't disrupt your focus.


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