Whether it’s for personal or professional use, you rely on your printer to produce the documents you need. Like all technology, establishing a basic maintenance routine can help you avoid printer repairs and inconvenient downtime. Ensure your printer runs optimally when you need it most by utilizing the following maintenance tips.

How to Effectively Maintain Your Printer

1. Use It Regularly

Regular printers use ink cartridges to produce documents, and these can become dried out if you don’t use them consistently. Try printing a document at least once a week to keep your cartridges active and the ink flowing. If your printing needs are minimal, use a laser printer instead, which runs on heat to fuse powder onto the paper.

2. Replace Cartridges With Care

printer repairsYour cartridges rest on a delicate cradle that can be easily damaged if you don’t replace it with caution. Additionally, make sure not to touch the bottom part of the cartridge when inserting a new one into the device as this can disturb the ink and create uneven printing.

3. Clean the Printer

Dust, debris, and other particles can invade the internal components of the printer and cause ink clogs and poor printing. Remember to regularly dust and clean the device and its screen with a mild alcohol cleaning solution. You can also purchase a cover to help keep dust and dirt from clinging to the machine.

4. Update Software

Modern printers contain advanced technology that relies on the most updated software to function properly. Make sure to turn on update notifications on the computer so you know when it’s time to upgrade the software. Also, keep your computer up-to-date to maintain compatibility between the two devices.


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