Hardwood floors are a popular choice for homes, offering a classic sophistication to any room. Winter is the perfect season for installing hardwood flooring, providing top conditions to ensure your hardwood lasts for a long time. Here is a breakdown of why installing these during the colder months is a good idea.

Why You Should Install Hardwood Floors in Winter

How Hardwood Is Installed

For a quality hardwood flooring installation, boards should be laid on a level, structurally secure subfloor that is also clean and smooth. There should not be any moisture or uneven pieces from old flooring or concrete slabs. Any imperfections, including moisture, mold, or existing flooring, are obstacles for a new wood flooring installation.

It is also critical that the room in which the wood will be set is measured properly so that planks fit perfectly throughout the space. Adjustments for expansion and contraction from changing temperatures must be considered.

Wood planks are best when allowed to acclimate to the environment in which they will be installed. This gives the material a chance to get used to the humidity and temperature fluctuations of the room. Make sure the boards are removed from packaging and that normal conditions for the room aren’t altered during this time frame.

The Benefits of Winter

Hardwood floors do well in low-humidity environments. Low moisture in the air is important during hardwood installation. If there is too much humidity, it can saturate the layer under the panels, which can lead to warping and buckling. It can also lead to mold and mildew. Dry, cold air in winter offers the best conditions to avoid these problems.

hardwood floorHigh humidity and heat can also cause floorboards to swell, making installation more difficult. If hardwood floors are installed during this swollen state, there will be gaps when they contract back down in drier, cooler seasons. When the installation is done during the winter, professional flooring contractors will account for expansion during the hotter months so that your floors look great all year-round.

Besides a better installation, it is also easier to schedule your flooring renovation when fewer people are remodeling their homes. Winter tends to be a slower season for contractors, allowing more flexibility for your schedule and ensuring the work is done when you want it.


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