An anticipated vacation means leaving behind work and worries for a few days, but you don’t want to abandon your diet plan. At home, you have control over the foods inhabiting your kitchen, but staying on track while you’re away takes more self-control. The guide below offers a few tips to enjoy your retreat while not overindulging.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

1. Pre-Plan Meals

To avoid three gut-busting meals a day, plan your meals beforehand. Research a few restaurants in the area with lighter options, such as salads or fish. If the portions look large, anticipate getting a to-go box and storing the food in your hotel fridge to eat as breakfast or lunch the next day. This will not only help you maintain your weight but also save you money.

2. Cook When You Can

diet planSearch apps to find grocery stores near the destination. There, you can pick up some healthy snacks—such as nuts or raw fruits and vegetables—to help fight cravings. If your hotel room also comes with a kitchenette, pick up some eggs and avocados for a healthy breakfast option or skinless chicken breast and some broccoli to prepare your own dinner.

3. Cheat Wisely

Sometimes you give in to your cravings—and that’s okay. Try to compensate for some vacation indulgences by watching what you eat before leaving and by strictly adhering to your diet plan once you get back.


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