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About A&M Crane and Rigging

One Call Does It All!

Primarily a rigging and crane service, A&M Crane and Rigging has been serving the Carolinas and Virginia since 1980. Specializing in truss placement and installing any size HVAC unit, A&M Crane and Rigging has built a solid reputation for service and value based on its motto, “One call does it all.” 

Ever wonder how church steeples keep their clean appearance? A&M Crane and Rigging often uses its inventory of power washing equipment and bucket trucks to clean church steeples. And they provide full restoration if there is extensive damage, using only mold- and mildew-resistant paint. The company’s power washing services are also available for airplanes, boats, heavy equipment, and buildings. 

Led by owner Tim Nall, the A&M Crane and Rigging team of experienced technicians handles a variety of jobs, including demolition service, debris removal, storm cleanup, emergency tree service, building relocation, equipment transportation, and towing. With six heavy duty, full-powered cranes with a maximum reach of 200 feet and a complete set of rigging accessories, its inventory of equipment allows workers to quickly respond to any type of natural disaster or construction project.

Aside from its crane and rigging services, A&M Crane and Rigging also offers storage trailers and containers that can be delivered to your property and picked up again once you’re done with them. Even better, each trailer is guaranteed to keep your belongings secure and dry.

If you need storage rental or help moving a house from one location to another, call A&M Crane and Rigging at (336) 889-6000 to get an estimate. You can also learn more about this company and their promise to provide the best service at a fair price by visiting their website.


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