Shrubs add visual appeal to a home. They’re beautiful and vibrant, and they’re perfect for lining up against your fence to create more privacy. To keep your shrubbery looking impressive year-round, you need the proper lawn maintenance tips. The few listed below will ensure that your greener remains healthy and prosperous throughout the seasons.

3 Tips for Keeping Shrubs Healthy & Beautiful

1. Pruning & Trimming

Plants need regular pruning and trimming to remove overgrown or damaged branches. Late fall and winter are the best times to prune since shrubs are dormant and easier to work with. Failing to perform this type of lawn maintenance may cause a shrub to be damaged from the weight of snow, which puts pressure on the base and root system. Additionally, since shrubs don’t grow in the winter, the temporary growth stunt will allow trees to retain nutrients and not lose them when branches and leaves are pruned.

2. Disease & Insect Prevention

lawn maintenanceTrimming diseased branches and leaves prevents the illness from spreading to the rest of the bush. Common diseases include anthracnose, which causes watery lesions to develop on the leaves, and early blight, which causes brown spots to develop. Removing diseased sections of shrubs can also prevent insects from gathering around them. Aphids, squash bugs, and spider mites are all attracted to dying leaves.

3. Mulching

It’s common for soil to erode around root systems, and mulching around the base of a shrub can fix the problem. This form of lawn maintenance is available in two primary forms — organic and inorganic. Organic consists of tree bark, grass clippings, and evergreen needles. This mulch decomposes over time, and helps improve the soil’s nutrient absorption capabilities. Inorganic mulch consists of rubber, rock, and landscape fabrics, and it’s helpful for controlling weed growth. 

It’s best to mulch right before the first frost of the season or until spring so that the soil retains moisture and continues to provide a healthy environment for the shrub to thrive year-round.



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