Layering mulch—which can be made up of organic residue such as wood chips, shredded leaves, grass clippings, pebbles, and more—on top of your soil has numerous benefits. By mulching your garden, it will look polished and professional. In addition, there are many more ways mulch can improve the appearance of your garden in the long-term, including those listed below. 

Why Should You Add Mulch to Your Garden?

1. Protects Plants from the Cold

You can dedicate all of your time and effort to maintaining your garden, but sometimes, nature has other plans. The weather plays a big role in the growth of any flower or plant. Fortunately, mulch has an insulating effect.

The roots of these plants can stay cool during the summer when they’re surrounded by mulch, and warm when the cold weather begins. This allows your plant to remain unaffected by freezing temperatures and scorching sunlight. 

2. Retains Moisture

mulchingMulching your garden will naturally add moisture to the soil. It also helps the soil hold on to the moisture, so the evaporation process is slower. When your plants have access to plenty of water, they’ll thrive and continue to grow even if you miss a watering day.

3. Contributes to Soil Health

Mulching does much more than retain moisture. In fact, as the mulch material breaks down, the soil becomes healthier. Microbes and insects will feast on the mulch and, in turn, decompose it so that it can be put back into the soil. This will help to maintain an ecosystem that provides for and nourish the plants that live there.


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