Though lawn mowing isn’t a favorite chore for many homeowners, it’s a necessary process for a healthy, thriving yard. Proper lawn care allows homeowners to keep the grass at an appropriate height, but that isn’t the only perk. Below are a few reasons why you shouldn’t allow your grass to grow too tall. 

Why Your Grass Shouldn’t Grow Tall

1. Reduces Curb Appeal

If you want a lawn full of thick grass, the solution isn’t to allow the blades to grow high. Tall grass is generally considered unappealing, and can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal.

If you go too long without mowing, the grass will go to seed, and during this time, it changes appearance from a lovely blade to an unsightly weed-like plant. Unless you regularly mow your lawn, you run the risk of getting complaints about an unkempt yard.

2. Grass Becomes Unhealthy

lawn mowingFor a beautiful, lush lawn, the grass must be healthy. This is achieved by regular mowing to keep the blades at an appropriate height. Cutting more than one-third of the length of the grass can inhibit root growth and weaken the grass.

A weak lawn is prone to pests, disease, and weeds. By keeping your grass between two and three inches high, it has a better chance of resisting disease and maintaining its health.

3. Weed Control Becomes Problematic

It’s not unusual for weeds to grow with grass, but the longer they grow, the harder it is to remove them. Regular lawn mowing cuts weeds down and weakens them, which inhibits their growth.

By allowing your grass to grow long enough to go to seed, you are also allowing unwanted plants to take over your lawn. These weeds will eventually absorb nutrients, depriving the grass of receiving proper nutrition.


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