Plant weeds are an issue homeowners often face. Many are harmless and only need to be plucked from garden beds. Others can create challenges, especially when they grow on lawns. It’s essential to understand which weeds are dangerous so you take the proper lawn maintenance steps. Below is a helpful guide you can use to create a lush, safe lawn.

What Weeds Are Dangerous?

Some weeds, such as dandelions, are only an unsightly nuisance. Others, like hemlock, are poisonous. This fern-like tree looks similar to parsley, has purple blotches, and produces a toxin that affects the nervous system.

Bittersweet nightshade sprouts toxic green berries, while oleander, a shrub, produces toxins that can cause cardiac arrest. Jimsonweed can be fatal to humans and animals. Many of these have to be ingested to cause serious health issues, and you never want to risk pets or children eating them.

How Do They Affect Plant Growth?

lawn maintenanceMany weeds are non-toxic but still parasitic. Some, like mistletoe, latch on to other plants and drain nutrients from them. Other invasive weeds take up valuable space in a lawn and prevent moisture and nutrients from reaching healthy plants.

Vine-like weeds grow and cover plants so they don’t receive sunlight. Others consume nitrogen and potassium—crucial to plant growth—which prevents safe varieties from growing. Invasive insects will also feed on healthy plants they’re familiar with rather than exotic weeds, destroying your lawn.

When Is Control Necessary?

Weed control is essential if you want to maintain a healthy, safe lawn. Eradicating weeds like poison ivy can cause skin irritation, ensures you’re able to stick to a lawn maintenance regimen. You can safely dig out common weeds like dandelions and crabgrass so your other plants can flourish.

It’s best to let lawn maintenance professionals handle poisonous varieties. They know how to remove them safely and can treat your lawn with eco-friendly chemicals to ensure they don’t come back.


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