Seeing different shades on your carpet can have you calling a professional carpet cleaner in a hurry. However, this may not always be caused by stains. The following are some reasons why the same carpet may have variances in shading.

3 Causes of Carpet Shading

1. Watermarking

When carpet pile changes orientation, the light will reflect off certain areas differently. This is the cause of watermarking, which is also called pile reversal. As the name suggests, watermarking looks like there is a water stain, even though it’s dry. The shade in this area can be manipulated by running your hand along the surface, as this changes the orientation of the pile. 

2. Vacuum Cleaner Marks & Footprints

carpet cleanerThese carpet shading effects are usually temporary. The pile in plush carpets can easily be pushed around by movement. That’s why you see tracks in a carpet after it’s been vacuumed. You may also see footprints after it’s been walked on. This is an indication that your carpet is of high quality. If you don’t want to see these erratic vacuum tracks, take care when running the vacuum in your home to achieve an even, uniform look. 

3. Carpet Tracking

Carpet tracking usually occurs in high-traffic areas and along walkways. While hiring a carpet cleaner can help remove stains caused by foot traffic, the damaged pile usually can’t be remedied. If you’re concerned about this issue, consider laying down mats in areas where people frequently walk, as this will preserve the orientation of the pile. 


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