Moving into a new home is an exciting step, but it also comes with a fair amount of work and planning. To ensure a safe, clean, and enjoyable living experience, there are a few steps you’ll want to take before you settle in. From carpet cleaning to safety measures, here’s what you should do prior to unpacking.

5 Steps to Take Before Moving In

1. Swap out the Locks

First and foremost, change the home’s locks as soon as you reach your closing date. It’s not only prior homeowners who could still have access to the property, but also any friends or family members with whom they shared spare keys. Updating the locks will help to ensure no unwanted guests can gain entry to your new home.

2. Perform a Deep Cleaning

carpet cleaning While previous homeowners may have left the place fairly clean, most new buyers do their own deep cleaning for peace of mind. Wipe down and sanitize all surfaces, clean out cabinets and any appliances that have been left behind, and perform a thorough carpet cleaning. Always work your way from top to bottom. Carpet cleaning, in particular, is an important step, as past owners may have tracked dirt in and out while moving. 

3. Replace or Clean the Air Filters

As a general rule of thumb, air filters for HVAC systems should be replaced or cleaned seasonally. Dirty filters can cause allergy-causing spores, mold, and bacteria to fester in your ducts and throughout the home. Since you won’t know when the last time the previous homeowners performed this task, it’s a smart idea to start off right with clean filters as soon as you move in. This way, you can promote clean, high-quality indoor air. 

4. Identify Power & Water Systems

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with key utility features so that you know where they are should a problem ever arise. Know where your circuit breaker panel is and how to use it, including which breakers correspond with specific electrical components, appliances, and lighting features in the home. You should also locate the main shutoff valve for your water supply in case of a flood or pipe damage. 

5. Practice Pest Control

Chances are, the property may have been vacant for a period of time before you moved in. An empty home is an inviting space for insects and rodents, so be sure to check spaces such as cabinets, the basement, and the attic for pests. Setting traps or having a pest control company spray the home is a wise step to prevent infestations. 


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