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Fairbanks Resource Agency

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805 Airport Way, Ste 1, Fairbanks, AK 99701

About Fairbanks Resource Agency

Dedicated to serving Alaskans with disabilities and their families, Fairbanks Resource Agency helps individuals find, employment, housing, and recreation in their communities. This caring non-profit social services organization works hard to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to the same options with the same respect afforded to any other member of the community. With a legacy that dates back to 1967, these professionals offer a reliable program with extraordinary support services.


Backed by a staff of 350 full- and part-time employees, this local social service agency serves more than 400 individuals throughout the Fairbanks region. Their services include employment support that helps those with intellectual and developmental disabilities find meaningful work. You and your family can also turn to them for respite care, in-home habilitation, and recreational activities.


Whether you’re looking to get involved or seeking employment availability for a loved one, Fairbanks Resource Agency offers a wide range of services for those with disabilities. Call them today at (907) 456-8901 to speak to a staff member or visit them online for more information.



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