Whether it's for a highway, parking lot, or driveway, asphalt makes a terrific paving surface. It is tough, durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. However, the elements can wreak havoc on it, particularly snow and freezing temperatures. To help you plan your maintenance, the following are some ways winter affects your asphalt paving.

How Snow, Ice & Their Removal Affect Asphalt Driveways, Lots & Roads

1. Plows & Shovels 


When it snows, the plows and shovels come out to remove it. If you shovel by hand, the pavement must withstand chopping impacts that can chip and crack the surface. If it's plowed, the machine's weight and the scraping of metal can further damage the paving. These are two reasons asphalt driveways, lots, and roads often look so rough once spring arrives and the snow thaws.

2. Salt & Deicers

You might think road salt is a better solution since it requires no heavy impact. Unfortunately, road salt and other similar deicers often contain potassium or magnesium acetates. These substances eat away at the asphalt, loosening the chemical bonds that hold the material together. This leads to cracks, discoloration, and potholes that put you at risk of liability for tripping accidents. 

3. Freezing & Thawing

Asphalt is porous and absorbs moisture that pools on it during thaw cycles. Later, when the temperature drops, the moisture inside the asphalt freezes and expands. This recurring cycle makes the pavement more susceptible to cracks and potholes.

For best results, clean all organic materials from the surface during thaws to prevent moisture collection. Sweep away puddling water. Have the surface sealcoated yearly to avoid moisture penetration, and have a paving contractor repair cracks and potholes promptly.


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